Every year the University of Portland Robotics Club competes in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition (RMC). This is the 2018-19 entry for UP Robotics. As the President and Lead Engineer, all mechanical and electrical systems in the 4000+ part rover were designed and manufactured by myself with the help of my small team.

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Final CAD rendering of the UP Rover in “unpacked” state

Final CAD rendering of the UP Rover in “packed” state
“Packed” Rover during drivetrain validation testing
Updating on-board software during testing
2019-19 Rover first tracks
Frame top before welding
Frame sides before welding
Complete welded frame assembly (welded personally)
Rover frame during suspension test fit
Chain suspension system installed
Custom designed high current PCBs
Assembling 1 of 2 electrical boxes
Fully integrated mechanical systems