My senior Capstone project. Inspired by the ambition goal of Christian Von Koenigsegg to build a more efficient, more powerful, and cleaner engineer by removing the camshaft. One of only two student proposed capstone projects, I lead my team as the Lead Engineer in designing, manufacturing, and programming a pneumatic valve train system which when fully functional, will be capable of beating a standard ICE engineer in all regards. Our new engine can be more efficient, produce both more power and more torque (theoretically up to 30% more), weighs less, has a lower center of gravity, and is capable of burning a higher percentage of fuel flowing through the chamber. While not electric, this engine has the potential to bridge the gap between expensive electric cars and polluting ICE vehicles.

Engines move at ultra-high speeds, so our actuation and control system had to operate in the sub-millisecond range. We achieved this by using high quality electromechanical solenoids to regulate air flow. In order to monitor and control these solenoids at useful speeds, we used LabView RealTime running on a National Instruments myRIO DAQ micro controller.



Inspiration video from Koenigsegg